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8 September 2020

How to increase timeout for debug?

by Vasiliy Kharitonov

It might be quite annoying to receive timeout after going deep into a debug session. Fortunately, there is a way to extend timeout for debug.

You can temporary change timeout for debug using transaction RZ11 for changing profile parameters dynamically. Please consider first some important points:

You can perform the following actions to increase timeout for debug:

  1. Open transaction RZ11.
  2. Provide parameter name rdisp/max_debug_lazy_time and press Display.
  3. In the section Value of Profile Parameter rdisp/max_debug_lazy_time you will see both current and default values for timeout for debug in seconds. Usually it is 600 seconds meaning 10 minutes.
  4. Press button Change Value (Ctrl+F5), fill new value in seconds (or provide 0 for no timeout at all), press Save change (Ctrl+S).
  5. Thats it. You need to relogin to the system to make the new timeout value work for your user.

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