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GUI transactions

31 March 2018

How to export a table to Excel

It is a good idea to make data backups of any objects with which you plan some actions, like developments, some cleanup or a data transfer. Transaction SE16 usually is used for table data view, but there is no export to excel button in standart setting.

View table data as ALV grid

To change the view of your data in SE16 transaction, proceed to top menu Setting->User Parameters..(F8).

Settings->UserParameters screenshot

There you can change output type to ALV Grid Display.

UserParameters ALV Grid screenshot

Export to desirable format

ALV Grid will allow you to export to Excel and other formats, just press the button Speadsheet… (Ctrl+Shift+F7).

ALV Grid spreadsheet screenshot

Note, the maximum number of hits in the table is 200 as standard for SE16. It is possible, that not all data is shown. You can change the maximum number of hits on the selection screen of the table.

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