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16 March 2018

How to monitor execution of background jobs?

by Aleksandr Kharitonov

If you have some critical for business background jobs, it is a good idea to have support team monitoring them.

Use SM37 transaction to check execution of background jobs. Following data is suggested for selection screen.

Execute button will show all the launches of the program in a background mode for a provided date.

What could be interesting in the shown report:


Another useful thing for background jobs is the check for dumps (Dump - in a simple way - is when during execution of the program something bad happened and the system upon dying recorded the dump, i.e. all it’s attributes and the place of an error. This will help to find/reproduce/correct the issue.). Dumps could be found in ST22 transaction. Following data is suggested for the selection screen:

Press Start.

What could be interesting in the shown report:

Existing of dumps for corresponding programs indicates that there are still issues with the background job even if it has Finished status.

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