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GUI transactions

24 June 2020

SAP GUI transaction helper (for SAP consultant)

by Vasiliy Kharitonov

I have a list of most useful GUI transactions I personally use. It is hard to keep it in memory, so I have a written note. I think others might find it useful as well, so I am moving it here. From now on my note with most useful GUI transactions will be managed here and regularly updated.


System monitoring

TCode Name Description
BD87 Status Monitor for ALE Messages Monitor processed and schedulled IDocs.
DB50 Database assistant Database information and custom SQL execution for HANA systems.
SCC4 Client Administration View existing clients for the current system.
SLG1 Application Log: Display Logs Analyze application logs.
SM04 Logons to an AS Instance Look for current logon sessions, close them even for other users.
SM12 Display and Delete Locks Look for table locks per user or table. Drop them if needed.
SM50 Work Processes of AS Instance Monitor current processes for the current application server instance.
SM51 Started AS Instances Look for application server instanses, check work processes for each instance.
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log tRFC monitoring.
SM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview Monitor current processes for all application server instanses.
SMEC Measurement Environment Check High-level system monitoring. Good to see green/red status on components overall or to navigate to sub-transactions like ST05 or AM50.
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue) Check for scheduled outbound qRFCs and those in error.
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue) Check for scheduled inbound qRFCs and those in error.
SMQA tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data tRFC/qRFC monitoring.
SMQR Registration of Inbound Queues RFC scheduler for inbound messages. Here you can stop/start message queues from automatic execution.
SMQS Registration of Destinations RFC scheduler for outbound message. Here you can stop/start message queues from automatic execution. You can also provide maximum number of parallel connection for internal tRFC execution.
SP01 Output Controller Find and review printing requests.
ST04 DB Performance Monitor Useful to check what is the database used for the system (e.g. Oracle, check for database-caused slowdowns and execute custom SQL queries.
ST06 Operating System Monitor Check for hardware-caused slowdowns, overview existing application servers and find their connection details.
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis Analyze dumps.
SXI_MONITOR XI: Message Monitoring Monitor XML messages processed with Proxy interfaces (e.g. integration with SAP PO).

Transport functionality

TCode Name Description
/SDF/TRCHECK Check Transport Requests Check for possible problems during transfer of certain requests.
SCC1 Client Copy - Special Selections Copy customizing from another client.
SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended) Find information regarding a single transport (usually by its number). Used to create transport requests as well.
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools Search for transport request (by table or other object).
SE09 Transport Organizer Find information regarding a multiple transports or even all transports. Used to create transport requests as well.

Comparison and alignment

TCode Name Description
SCMP View/Table Comparison Compare a single database table content between 2 systems.
SCU0 Customizing Cross-System Viewer Compare multiple database table contents between 2 systems.
SE39 ABAP Split Screen Editor Compare a certain development object between 2 systems or different objects in one system.
SREPO Repository Comparison Compare multiple (or all) development objects between 2 systems.

Search and research

TCode Name Description
CODE_SCANNER ABAP Search Holy Grail for highly customized systems. Search ABAP code in package or across system by text.
SE11 ABAP Dictionary Maintenance Research tables, views, data types, domains, type groups. Used to search where they are used as well.
SE16 Data Browser View database table contents. Used to change table contents as well.
SE18 Business Add-Ins: Definitions Look for extension points (BAdIs). Browse existing implementations for a certain BAdI.
SE19 Business Add-Ins: Implementations Research certain BAdI implementation. Used to change them as well.
SE24 ABAP Class Builder Research ABAP classes and interfaces. Used to change them as well.
SE37 ABAP Function Modules Research ABAP Function Modules. Used to change them as well.
SE80 Object Navigator Quite powerful transaction. Can be used to do a lot of different things for any development objects including working with hierarchy for function groups and packages
SE91 Message Maintenance Look for message classes, their messages, change/create them.
SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes Look for transactions and their properties, change/create them.
SFP Form Builder Create/view/edit printing forms.
SICF HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance Research and test existing HTTP services (e.g. Fiori applications, NWBC applications, RF framework).
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Research / change / create connections to other systems.
SPROXY Enterprise Repository Browser Research and test Proxy integration (e.g. with SAP PO).
STERM SAPterm Terminology Maintenance Great tool to lookup SAP Terminology and translations for it. There is an SAP website with similar content as well.
WE60 Documentation for IDoc types View IDoc structure for a certain basic type.

Authorizations and user management

TCode Name Description
SU01 User Maintenance Create / view / change users.
SU3 Maintain Users Own Data Change your user-specific data like time-zone or default parameters.
SU53 Evaluate Authorization Check Look for authorization errors for your user and other users as well.
SUIM User Information System Search authorization roles by different criteria.

Customizing and settings

TCode Name Description
BD97 Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems Part of integration setup with other Netweaver systems.
SCPR3 Display and maintain BC Sets Display and maintain BC Sets.
SFW2 Business Function Display and maintain business functions.
SM30 Call View Maintenance Change customizing for a certain view.
SNRO Number Range Objects Maintain number ranges.
SPRO Customizing - Edit Project Research and change customizing based on IMG activity trees.
WE20 Partner Profiles Assign extensions to IDocs based on logical system and message type.
WE57 Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs Assign Function Modules to IDoc basic types.
STVARV Selection variable maintenance (TVARV) Maintain TVARV parameters.

Background jobs

TCode Name Description
SM36 Schedule Background Job Create background jobs.
SM37 Overview of job selection Search and analyse scheduled or executed background jobs, check error logs.

Debugging and tracing

TCode Name Description
SAAB Checkpoints that Can Be Activated Activate breakpoints.
SAT ABAP Trace Main transaction to create and analyze ABAP traces.
ST12 Single transaction analysis Another ABAP trace transaction. Old and not updated anymore, but still quite more powerfull for some scenarios.
WE09 Search for IDocs by Content Search IDocs by values in certain fields. E.g. search shipment IDoc by shipment number.
WE19 Test tool IDoc test tool. Simulate receiving of new IDocs based on existing ones. Field/values can be changed before sending.


TCode Name Description
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench Automate customizing.
SE71 SAPscript form Working with SAPscripts.
SHDB Batch Input Transaction Recorder Record and execute macroses.
SQ01 SAP Query: Maintain queries Create custom reports with SAP Queries.

Basis settings

TCode Name Description
RZ11 Profile Parameter Maintenance Changing Profile Parameters Dynamically.