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23 May 2023

How to fill DESADV IDoc structure to create nested Handling Units (HUs)?

by Vasiliy Kharitonov

Here we will explain how to fill HU header (E1EDL37) segments to create nested handling units on the example of IDoc with Delivery Interface basic type (DELVRY03).

  1. Segments E1EDL37 for both child HUs and parent HUs can be on the same level.
  2. Start with child elements. Although the other way should be supported now, the better way to do is to go from child HU to parent HU.
  3. Include segment E1EDL44 with VELIN equal to 1 inside HU header (E1EDL37) segments for child HUs.
  4. Include segment E1EDL44 with VELIN equal to 3 inside HU header (E1EDL37) segments for parent HU. Reference child HU number in E1EDL44-EXIDV field. If there are multiple children reference each one of them in a separate E1EDL44 segment.

This should allow you to generate the structure with nested handling units.

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