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19 July 2023

Is it possible to create 2 inbound deliveries with the same ASN number in SAP EWM?

by Vasilii Kharitonov

Here we will look into the case where the same supplier sends us 2 deliveries with the same ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification) numbers. Can we process them in SAP EWM? Is it possible to control possibility to process them in standard SAP?

In some cases we want to forbid such processing, as the same document could be processed twice in case of human mistake or our system landscape doesn’t support having 2 documents with the same external identification.

In other cases suppliers can’t ensure to provide a unique number each time, e.g., their numbering is based on day and month, but repeats each year. Therefore, it is important to have control over ASN uniqueness.

Customizing to control ASN uniqueness

In SAP EWM, a specific setting controls the uniqueness of ASN. You can locate this setting by navigating the following path: Extended Warehouse Management -> Cross-Process Settings -> Delivery - Warehouse Request -> Process Management and Control -> Define Process Profile for Document Header. It allows you to manage the uniqueness of the ASN at the level of the level of Process profile (which in turn is assigned to EWM Delivery Type). There are following options present:

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