I didn't find a lot of information on how SAP EWM shuttle works and how to customize it according to my needs, so I had to dive deep in DEBUG and read the code to really understand it. I hope this article will help other people to get acquainted with the underlying logic faster.

Main objects in shuttle process

SAP S/4HANA manufacturing logistics shuttle is based on both TM (Transportation Management) objects and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) objects, in fact those are integrated in the same system. The main ones are listed below.


A TM object, that represents a certain truck with fixed attributes (like license plate) that will be used as a shuttle, moving between different warehouse complexes. The general idea is that the same vehicle (or vehicles) is constantly circulating between sites to move goods adhoc without much of planning in the system. However, there is no restrictions in the system, you could create a new vehicle for each shuttle, although it is not advised from my perspective.

There is no real representation of vehicle in EWM objects, but you will need to provide it during creation of shuttle in RF interface.

Freight order

Again, a TM object, that represents a single trip (can be round trip or just one direction trip) across the corresponding warehouse complexes. Based on Freight order we can truck progress of the shuttle, understand a number of stoops, look into what is the cargo being carried.

Even though this is a TM object, SAP built a report in Warehouse Monitor (/SCWM/MON) to

Technical design of shuttle

Typical configurations

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2022

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