Functionality combined picking first appeared in EWM 9.4 and can help you in cases where you need to pick multiple warehouse tasks from the same bin or handling unit. Basically, for user it looks like multiple tasks has been combined to be processed as a single one. However, there are some important restrictions for using it.

The main restriction is that the tasks can only be combined if they are intended for the same quant. In total they should have the same values for the following:

  • Source bin
  • Source handling unit
  • Pick handling unit
  • Stock type
  • Owned and entitled
  • Batch
  • No serial number
  • Alternative unit of measure
  • Consolidation group

If the tasks have matching attributes, and the corresponding customizing is in place, RF user will be able to process them as one. It is also possible to uncombine them during the processing if the user chooses so.

Enhancing for picking different batches

There are a lot of business cases, where there is a need to pick several batches in one action. As you saw earlier it is not possible to do it in standard. But there is a pretty easy way to do it with an enhancement.

Allow combining of multiple tasks with different batches

  1. Create implicit enhancement in the beginning of FM /SCWM/RF_PICK_PIMTTO_PBO.
  2. Check that this is a case relevant for your development.

Allow confirmation of multiple tasks with different batches at the same time

  1. FM /SCWM/RF_PICK_PICPMT_PB needs to be enhanced (from my point of view it is easier to create a custom version of corresponding FM and use it with RF customization).
  2. Right after reading additional material information with FM /SCWM/MATERIAL_READ_SIGLE perform the following actions.
  3. Check that ORDIM_CONFIRM-BATCHID is empty. If it is, clear LS_MAT_GLOBAL- BATCH_REQ. This way the system will not ask for individual batch confirmations.

Verified systems

  • SAP EWM 9.4

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