Sometimes it is needed to find out which transport request changed some values for a certain key. It is quite easy to find a request by key (How to find customizing requests by key values in tables), but we also might want to check which values where set by the corresponding request.

A short answer is that it can't be done. Unfortunately it seems that SAP didn't design such an instrument for us. The values for corresponding keys are stored in files on the server, which are compiled with SAP closed technologies. So even if you download a request file from the server, you will have no way to read it.

But there is actually another way to do it. You can import the corresponding customizing request to a sandbox or temporary system and review the table contents there. Because this method is not very convenient, the usual answer is that it can't be done.

Technically there should be a way to design your own instrument by using SAP programs/commands for converting the data file contents into a readable format by means of ABAP programming, but it is very unlikely to be simple.

Verified systems

  • SAP EWM 9.4

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