This article is a quick guide on how to setup processing of advanced shipping notifications from vendors based on DESADV IDoc. This should allow you to create inbound deliveries automatically based on messages from supplier.

  1. First of all, your basis should set up connections and ports for you to be able to receive IDocs in the system. This setup is not included into the article.

  2. Then responsible for middleware (or responsible from the vendor directly, depending on your setup) should distibute a test IDoc to your system. This will allow you to understand which basic type is used for the IDoc.

  3. Use BD87 (Status monitor for ALE messages) or other transaction of your choice to find the IDoc and see a basic type for it. Let's say it is DELVRY05, message type DESADV.

  4. Then you need to check which Function modules are allowed in your system for the corresponding basic type in the transaction WE57 (Assignment Messages for Application Objects). Search a row with message type DESADV and your version of basic type (e.g. DELVRY05). You can also search directly in the table EDIFCT, I found it more convinient.

  5. Then use transaction WE64 (Documentation message types) to determine the correct proccess code. You can search by message type, e.g. DESADV. Look into the description of suitable process codes and assigned Function Modules to identify the one you will use. Function module should match allowed ones for your message in WE57. Let's say it is DELSP with FM IDOC_INPUT_POS_DESADV.

  6. Use the corresponding Process code to set up a partner profile in transaction WE20 (Partner Profiles) for the vendor number you receive within the IDoc.

  7. Request an new IDoc with a real test data. This time it should be processed succesfully.

Note: If you want to use a certain Function module, e.g. /SPE/IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1, you can allow its processing using the transaction WE57. You should have enough authorizations and a Workbench request to make changes in this table. In this case use the process code that assigned to the corresponding Functional Module, e.g. DELS.

If you receive an error E0623 Link between log. message &1 and IDoc type doesn't exist, you need to first link them in the transaction WE82.

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2022

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