Carriers are needed in EWM if you want to integrate ERP shipments with EWM transportation units using standard IDoc integration.

Carriers are transferred using Core Interface as vendors, but you might find that although business partners are transferred, carrier roles for them are not created. For this reason IDocs will fall in the corresponding error.

There are two ways to fix it - right and wrong. The wrong way would be to manually add carrier role for partner in EWM in the transaction BP. It will fix the issue, but as ERP is the source of truth for the business partners, you will need to do this again for the new partners or even for existing ones if something changes.

For this reason it is better to fix it on ERP side. You need to explicitly provide information which vendors are also carriers, so integration model will transfer them as ones. To do this you use Account group. As prerequisite you should be able to define all carriers using one or multiple account groups. Then you need to perform customizing.

  1. Assign carrier account groups to APO location type 1020 "TSP" using SPRO, path Integration with other SAP components -> Advanced planning and optimization -> Application-specific settings and enhancements -> Settings and enhancements for shipments -> Assign vendor Account group to APO location type.
  2. Reactivate core interface integration model with corresponding vendors using transactions CFM1 and CFM2.

Carrier roles should be automatically created in EWM after these actions.

Verified systems

  • SAP EWM 9.4

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