In some cases you might need to create a changeable parameter in a development. If it is user changeable usually it is better to create a master data, because this is how SAP does it in standard. With master data approach developments should be seamless versus SAP standard. But there are some cases, e.g. logic that will be performed only by technical specialists, where you don't need master data transaction. In such cases additional master data can overcomplicate the development and create additional effort for the developer. The most usual case is when there are multiple "variants" of the same program and we need some control to choose the one that we plan to use at the current moment.

TVARVC parameter table

For such cases SAP created a special TVARVC parameter table, where user can choose which "variant" should be used at the current moment.

Developer side

First developer should include usage of a TVARVC parameter inside your custom program. Some parameter will be defined to branch corresponding logic. The usual advice is to have static selection logic for database table TVARVC created by the developer, so additional selection from database would not significantly influence performace of your program.

Transaction STVARV

Transaction STVARV can be used to set the value for a parameter customized by developer. Devepending on the value parameter you should be able to execute different logic created by your developer. So, the usual flow is:

  1. Run some tests.
  2. Change the value of the agreed parameter in STVARV transaction.
  3. Run the tests again.

Verified systems

  • SAP EWM 9.4

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