You are trying to distribute batch characteristics starting with LOBM to S/4HANA as a decentral EWM system. You receive the following error:

Characteristic from reserved name range: change not allowed

Or you are trying to distibute a class and receive the following error:

Characteristc "LOBM_VFDAT" not yet created


You can't create LOBM_* characteristics by distributing them from ERP system. You have to copy them from standard client 000. You can do it in the following way:

  1. Open transaction SPRO Customizing - Execute Project. Open SAP Reference IMG.
  2. Navigate to node Logistics – General under Batch Management → Batch Valuation → Update Standard Characteristics.
  3. Execute the Activity. This will copy the corresponding characteristics from the client 000.
  4. You can check successful characteristics creation using transaction CT04. See existing characteristics using search help for a field Characteristic.

Note: The settings should be done per each landscape and client. Consider doing this in all the landscapes at the same time to make sure this will not be missed during cutover.

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2021

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