There is a number of cases where you would like to see how a certain process looks like from SAP perspective. Surely there are best practice documents, but they don't usually show system screens, so some information you require might be missing. I found standard SAP Enable Now demos to be very helpful in this case.

As they are publicly available, you can access them using the following link: SAP Standard Enable Now Demos.

In order to see the demo:

  1. Identify the system you are interested in. E.g. 2023 - On Premise - S/4HANA Core 2023.
  2. Navigate to Task tutorials.
  3. Select a group of processes you are interested in. E.g. Supply Chain.
  4. Select a high-level process, e.g. Return to Supplier.
  5. Choose a sub-process, e.g. Creating Return Orders.
  6. Click on Start Tutorial button. Alternatively, you can also download a PDF with system screenshots.

No special software is required to view these demos, just a web browser.

The number of demos is limited, but they are very helpful when they fit your needs.

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2023

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