You are using UKMS to map keys, e.g. to change material name for non-harmonized masterdata. You set up everything in Development landscape and it is working. However, when you moved to Quality you can't set up the required settings in IMG node Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Master Data Governance -> Central Governance -> General Settings -> Key Mapping -> Define Technical Settings -> Define Technical Settings for Business Systems, --- it asks you to provide a trasport request, meaning you have to change it in the development client. This will not work of course, as these settings are needed to a map business system with logical system and RFC destionation, meaining they have to be different between different landscapes.


There is an error in standard settings for a view MDGV_BUS_TECH (MDGV_BUS_ATTR, MDGV_BUS_BO, MDGV_BUS_TECH), it has the wrong delivery class. It should be possible to maintain this table in any client.

According to the note 3218973 SAP did fix this issue in the release 75H support package SAPK-75H01INSAPABA of the software component SAP_ABA. So, the solution is to upgrade to the according version of the component.

In case you need a temporary workaround, you could open your quality environment for changes and create a request there directly. However, I advise against it unless you need a fix urgently.

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2021

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