There is a number of MATMAS IDoc types present in the system, e.g. MATMAS03, MATMAS04, MATMAS05, etc. Which one to use when you integrate with S/4HANA system?

Generally speaking you should use the latest IDoc type you have in both sending system and receiving system. When you send information from good old ERP to a new S/4HANA system, choose the latest version (with the biggest number) you have in the ERP system. If you have the following versions of MATMAS: MATMAS01, MATMAS02, MATMAS03, MATMAS04, MATMAS05, --- choose MATMAS05.

Integration with S/4HANA as decentralized EWM system

When you follow the HTG guide for decentralized EWM integration, the IDoc type is chosen for you automatically during execution of the program /SPE/R_DEC_EWM_REDUCE_MESSTYPE. By default it sets the basic type to MATMAS03 which is missing the fields like Warehouse material group (WHMATGR) or Packaging material type (VHART). In case you need those fields, you should update basic type for the corresponding parner profile and message type to a higher version like MATMAS05. After this action the corresponding fields should be filled and distributed automatically.

Use transaction WE20 Partner profiles to perform the update:

  1. In SAP ERP open transaction WE20.
  2. Select partner type LS and partner number corresponding to you EWM S/4HANA system.
  3. Select message type ZEWMMATMAS, go to parameter details (double-click on the row).
  4. Update the selected basic type MATMAS03 to a higher version, e.g. MATMAS05.
  5. Save.

The same procedure can be used to update message types CHRMAS, CLSMAS, CLFMAS, ADRMAS, ZEWMCREMAS, ZEWMDEBMAS, BATMAS and MATQM.

Verified systems

  • SAP S/4HANA 2021
  • SAP ERP 6.0

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